I Wanna Take You To Paris And Spoil You Lyrics

Song Details: I Wanna Take You To Paris And Spoil You Lyrics. The song is sung by Saint Levant and the song name is Very Few Friends.

I Wanna Take You To Paris And Spoil You Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Listen, I’m not toxic, I’m broken, baby
Or maybe I’m just sayin’ that got a bad lil ting
Min il maghreb btistana 3alaya
She knows where I’m stayin’ at
Oltilha teejeeli 3amrika bas ma 3indha visa fa oltilha tla2ini bmarselya
Vas-y, fais tes valises et retrouve-moi dans l’sud de la France
Wil fareeg 7awaleya
Lover Boy Levant back in the building
Viens chez-moi, vas-y, we ’til the morning
Demain soir, on va tester ça
Après ça sera la dernière fois ’cause
Gotta focus on the vision, baby
Next year I’ll be on FIFA
Ah, t’as kiffé that I’m driven, baby?
Well, the thing is

I have very few friends
I’m focused and havе very few friends

[Verse 2]
Sеlf-respect with some green eyes and that sun tan
(ya 3eini 3aleiki)
Self-made now you’re self-paid with your own plans
(yallah mori 3a beiti)
Your family was so proud of you lama tarakti ilblad
Salmi 3a sido, salmi 3a teta w salmi 3a jad a5ooki
We have designer sex in the morning
Expensive when you moanin’
Hop on a Zoom call for an hour
Then come back to show you who owns it
Fly you to Beirut for the wintertime
But don’t post about it online
Took her to dinner in Hamra
And one thing she kept tellin’ me

She has very few friends
She’s focused and has very few friends

[Verse 3]
Fa oltilha, you take away all my focus
But I’m down
Gotta bring you back to my town
Tiyara doghri 3a bladi
Oo akeed I’ll show you around
Bien—, bienvenue dans mon quartier
Sur son bracelet, c’est du Cartier
Elle veux que tu parles en français (Tu vas rien comprendre)
I wanna take you to Paris and spoil you
I wanna go to Marseille and enjoy you
I want those guys in your DM’s who talk to themselves
And then tell all their friends that they know you
I wanna make you forget about your ex
I want you overthinkin’ all your texts
I want the neighbors to hear you yell
Told me she’s a CEO, I can tell
So, you do you and I’ll do me
But when we come together it’s
When we come together it’s a fuckin’ problem

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